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In Colorado, a conviction for Driving Under the Influence carries the possibility of incarceration and a potential revocation of your drivers license, along with probation and court ordered community service. These can be heavy burdens on your busy life. Once convicted of an alcohol-related driving offense, it can never be sealed from your record. Don’t let a DUI or other alcohol-related driving offense ruin your life. It is important that you hire a smart, experienced, compassionate lawyer to obtain the best possible outcome based on your individual facts and circumstances.

Any criminal investigation or arrest should be treated as extremely serious. Your future and your freedom are at risk.  It is imperative to have a skilled, experienced attorney representing you in court.  The first offer you receive is often not the best.  Ms. Davis will persistently negotiate to ensure you receive the best possible deal for your unique circumstances.

When you fight DUI charges, you force the government to do its job properly.  Often, police have taken short cuts or violated your rights in attempts to make their case.  An aggressive DUI attorney will ensure that the prosecution has enough evidence to meet their burden of proof.  Weaknesses in their case can be used to have the charges against you reduced, or possibly even dropped.

Ms. Davis will examine your case to ensure that:

  • The evidence against you was obtained rightfully and lawfully obtained
  • Police followed proper procedures before and during your arrest.
  • The test results the State intends to use against you are accurate, scientifically reliable and were lawfully obtained.
  • The officer has been adequately trained and certified to operate the equipment or perform the tests being used as evidence against you.

When it comes to criminal defense, the best defense is a strong offense. While many criminal cases are resolved short of trial, it is fundamental that every case be treated from the outset as a case that will be tried.  Ms. Davis knows that diligent and aggressive preparation for trial means a higher probability of securing dismissals or plea deals that do not require prison time.  Contact Ms. Davis so that she can put her passion and skills to work for you.