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Business Formation

From decisions ranging from entity formation, to who can be an owner, to who can share in profits, to where to operate, Ms. Davis will walk you through the complex licensing and formation issues unique to marijuana businesses.  Issues related to corporate structure, investment, compensation and ownership are highly regulated.  The rules and concepts that apply to other businesses are not always legal in this highly regulated field.  You need an attorney well versed in marijuana licensing to ensure your business structure complies with State and local requirements.  Whether you desire to have a store, a cultivation facility, an infused product business or have an idea about how to assist a regulated company, Ms. Davis will help you navigate the complex, and often conflicting, legal requirements to ensure the entity you choose is set up correctly and in compliance with the complicated rules and regulation specific to marijuana businesses.

State and Local Licensing

The process for applying for State and local licensing is complicated and daunting. Ms. Davis has devoted thousands of hours to understanding the intricate steps involved in the application process. Ms. Davis can save you valuable time and money by advising you on exactly what you need to do and when, to ensure you do not overlook any critical steps or rules that will prevent you from receiving a license.

Important facts to know:

  • Colorado is a dual licensing system.  You must be in compliance with all state AND local regulations governing your specific business license type in order to operate legally.   This makes the licensing process incredibly complicated.  Ms. Davis will  assist you to ensure your operations comply with both state and local requirements.

  • Every local government has its own complex rules and regulations governing marijuana businesses.  Before you sign a lease or even look for property, you should engage in a detailed analysis of the applicable local ordinances to understand the rules that will apply to you as you begin operations. Ms. Davis works with local licensing, zoning and government authorities to ensure you correctly set up your business and can successfully obtain your business licenses.  Ms. Davis provides individually tailored advice on all aspects of State and local licensing to ensure you use your time and money efficiently.

  • In order to establish a legally compliant business, you must navigate complex municipal ordinances, zoning rules, building department requirements and fire regulations unique to marijuana businesses. Ms. Davis will assist you in understanding these complex requirements to help save you time, money and stress.

  • Before you sign a lease, you should consult with an experienced licensing attorney who will explain what you are obligating yourself to, help negotiate more favorable terms, and ensure your interests are protected.

Regulatory Compliance

Once you have a license to operate, you must follow all State and local rules and regulations governing your specific license type. These regulations are hundreds of pages thick and incredibly complicated. Marijuana businesses face day-to-day legal challenges while operating their businesses and require expert guidance on remaining legal. Ms. Davis is considered by her colleagues to be an expert in the State’s marijuana regulations. As part of her services, she provides compliance training to ensure you understand and follow the complex rules specific to your license type.  Any rule violation can result in a revocation or suspension of your license.  

Ms. Davis has successfully defended marijuana business owners charged with criminal and administrative violations. This litigation experience helps Ms. Davis ensure her clients comply with the novel and complex rules and regulations to avoid prosecution, and to successfully defend against it. By maintaining an active criminal practice, Ms. Davis has successfully advised Marijuana Center owners, Growers and Infused Product clients on how to avoid prosecution. In her experience, unless your attorney is trying cases in court and arguing the legal nuances of Colorado’s complicated laws to judges, your lawyer may not be giving you the best advice. Contact Ms. Davis today to ensure you are operating in strict compliance with the laws governing your specific license type.