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The current job market is tough and highly competitive. Most companies run criminal background checks before they will offer you employment. For some employers, having even an arrest that did not result in charges on your record can automatically disqualify you as a candidate for their consideration. Unsealed arrest and criminal records can also harm your chances of future employment, military service, or even your ability to volunteer at your child’s school.  We all make mistakes in life, don’t let your past mistakes ruin your chances of obtaining the job you deserve, as opposed to the job you merely have to settle for. The successful sealing of arrests and criminal convictions will prevent anyone, other than the courts and law enforcement, from accessing those records.

A common mistake that many people make is believing that because they were acquitted at trial, their case was dismissed, or charges were never filed by the district attorney, the incident will not show up on their record. This is untrue. Even though your case was dismissed, your criminal record will still show that you were arrested, what you were arrested for, and what you were subsequently charged with. Similarly, if receive a deferred sentence, your criminal records will show the above information as well as the fact that you plead guilty to the charges, even after successful completion of the conditions of the deferred sentence. It is extremely important for your future, that you have all arrests and criminal convictions sealed from your record to prevent future employers from inquiring about the facts and circumstances or simply declining to offer you the position you deserve.  Contact Ms. Davis today to find out if your case qualifies for sealing.

Certain low-level drug crimes may be sealed as well. You may petition the District Court to seal your conviction either ten years, three years, or one year after the conviction depending on the date of conviction and the charges you were convicted of.

Sealing an arrest and criminal record is a tedious process fraught with room for error.  Failure to send notice to all necessary agencies will mean that your records won’t be sealed from inquiries. It is important that you hire an attorney with experience sealing records to ensure that your sealing is done properly and expeditiously. Ms. Davis has an exceptional history of ensuring her clients' arrest and criminal records are successfully sealed.  Contact the office today to see if your case qualifies for sealing.