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Cutting Edge Advocacy

Ms. Davis has had the good fortune to work on cutting edge marijuana cases throughout Colorado.  As a legal advocate for medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and dispensary owners Ms. Davis has:

  • Assisted dozens of business owners in obtaining state and local licensing

  • Successfully defended dozens of patients and caregivers charged with violating state and local laws

  • Successfully defended one of the first physicians charged for writing a medical marijuana recommendation.

  • Challenged ordinances throughout the Front Range on Constitutional grounds.

  • Sued municipalities for attempting to ban marijuana stores through zoning regulation

  • Successfully had the town of Castle Rock reinstate her client’s medical marijuana business license despite the town moratorium.

  • Helped business owners obtain local licensing despite the existence of moratoriums.

  • Successfully sued the CO Board of Health to stop attempts to limit the rights of patients and caregivers

  • Successfully sued the City of Centennial for attempting to ban dispensaries based on Federal illegality